Carbon Neutral

National Carbon Offset Standard

The National Carbon Offset Standard is a Standard  created by the federal government intended to provide confidence to those organisations looking to reduce their carbon footprint by  becoming involved in the voluntary carbon offset market . For those organisations looking to achieve carbon neutral status it sets out Best Practice methodology. The Standard specifies:-

1. The types of Carbon Offsets that constitute genuine, additional emissions reductions in the context of the CPRS.

2. The general principles and requirements for calculating the carbon footprint of a product or organisation.

3. Requirements for transparent recording of the carbon Footprint, measures taken to reduce emissions , the amount reduced ,the emissions amount offset ,and the type of carbon offests purchased and retired.

The Standard identifies the Australian and International Standards applied in the NCOS document including  (AS) ISO 14064 series, ISO  14040 series,  and ISO 14065. .

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