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Sellers registration service
Sellers registration service
Carbon Emissions Exchange has been established to act as Buyers agents for clients seeking to purchase emission offsets/carbon credits, also known as  VERs - Verified Emission Reductions, ERUs - Emission Reductions Units, CERs - Certified Emission Reductions, VCUs - Verified Carbon Units, CRTs - Carbon Reduction Tons,and NGACs-New South Wales Greenhouse Office Greenhouse Abatement Certificates, Australian Greenhouse Office Certified Greenhouse Friendly TM Abatement Certificates  .
Carbon Emissions Exchange has also been established to  provide Sellers with a convienent web based registration service for the emission offsets/carbon credits they wish to sell in the market. We can also act as consultants in the due diligence area to assist Sellers to add value to this asset  through appropriate application of the science and property right criteria.  This will enable Sellers to gain the necessary certification from the relevant government authorities. Certification is required to validate the carbon offsets/credits the sellers wish to bring to the market , it identifies the carbon offsets/credits provider as an accredited provider. It is our view that without this certification and accreditation  the sellers position is untenable, and a potentially valuable asset will be compromised  .

For more information on the  Due Diligence Accreditation and Certification issue contact us below.

To register with Carbon Emissions Exchange as a Seller of carbon credits, please complete this online registration form.

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