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Specialist web based trading platform for carbon credits
Specialist web based trading platform for carbon credits
Carbon Emissions Exchange is a dedicated specialist marketing agency for  Buyers and Sellers of emission allowances and carbon offset/credits. Our goal is to provide an efficient and effective trading platform for our clients both on a state, national, and globle basis, by providing a convenient contact point for Buyers and Sellers . To achieve this outcome we have assembled a highly experienced team of consultants with specific expertise in the science, property rights and marketing areas of carbon offsets/credits . We offer our clients full due dillegance services in relation to the buying and selling  of carbon offsets/credits . It is our view the importance of the due dilegence process can not be over emphasised

It is essential that going forward the Buyers of Carbon offsets/credits can be confident the agreements they enter into will be validated by the science of carbon sequestration, and recognised under federal and International legisaltion. It is also essential  that financial institutions which would be expected to underwrite these agreements can be confident of the validity of the Carbon Property Right they acquire as security. Our research indicates a  significant number of current carbon agreements  do not meet these tests. It is possible in this situation that  Buyers will be left with nothing but fresh air .

From a Sellers perspective the due dilegance  process results in adding value to the asset . Carbon offset/credts supported by the science, clearly defined in title and supported by legislation will be significantly more marketable and as a result more valuable than carbon offsets/ credits that do not meet these critera.
Carbon Emissions Exchange is at the leading edge of the carbon emissions trading market. Carbon Emissions Exchange with over 35 years experience in the property, property finance, and commodity markets, is uniquely placed to assist our clients to buy and trade emission allowances and carbon offset/credits. Our consulting team with its experience in the science, property right, and specific carbon trading area offers a unique level of expertise in this emerging trading area. Our extensive experience and high level of expertise gives us a significant advantage when acting for our clients in this area.
Carbon Emissions Exchange through its web based trading platform facilitates for its clients easy and immediate  access to the  national and international emissions trading market.
By utilising Carbon Emissions Exchange services companies can potentially gain a significant marketing advantage by being seen to be “Green” and reducing their carbon footprint. This is particularly relevant in the power, transport, mining, and industrial sectors, which all are major emittors. Industry should not underestimate the marketing power of  a "Green" image going forward. Some airlines are already offering  "Green " ticket  (carbon Offset) options to passangers, we predict such options will become much more common, our aim is to assist our clients with access to carbon offset options so that they can be at the pointy end of this phenomenon and potentially gain a market ing advantage as a result.

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