Carbon Neutral

What options are there for offsetting carbon emissions

Significant research is currently being done focusing on reducing, offsetting or capturing carbon emissions. Obvious options currently available include  the purchase of  a variety of accredited carbon  offsets currently being offered in the market place; other options include purchase of interest in validated carbon abatement projects.  Carbon Emissions Exchange is well placed to act for buyers in these senarios.  Wind farms for power generation and carbon sequestration using forest sinks, are but two of many options available for organisations to reduce their carbon footprint.

In relation to carbon sequestration Carbon Emissions Exchange contacts in this field leave it well placed to provide a competitive advantage to buyers of carbon offsets looking to reduce emissions in their greenhouse inventories or for carbon abatement projects for their customers. Forest sinks can achieve reductions in emissions in a number of ways including the purchase of carbon absorbed by the forest-Carbon Reduction Tons (CRT's), and or investing in commercial plantations, and or Environmental plantings. In relation to the use of carbon sequestration to offset carbon emissions, it is absolutely critical that the scheme is accredited by State or Federal Government, otherwise abatement certificates could be worthless resulting in the purchaser losing their money, not complying with legislation and being subject to fines.

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