Carbon Neutral

Greenhouse Friendly TM

Greehouse Friendly TM was an important part of the Australian Governments strategy in reducing Greenhouse gas emissions. Greenhouse Friendly TM was a part of the Greenhouse Challange Plus programme which aimed to meet the challange of climate change by :-

1. Providing businesses and consumers with opportunity to sell and purchase greenhouse -neutral products and services.

2. Broadening the basis for investment in greenhouse gas abatement.

3. Engaging businesses and consumers on climate change issues.

 Through Greenhouse Friendly TM Australian businesses can market greenhouse neutral products or services, deliver greehouse gas abatement and give Australian consumers greater purchasing choice. Abatement projects accredited by Greenhouse Friendly TM are overseen by the Australian Greenhouse Office

 NOTE - The Greenhouse Friendly TM  program has been replaced by the National Carbon Offset Standard from 1st July 2010.-  See National Carbon Offset Standard

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